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Title: "Truth or Dare" (Views: 173223)

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Submitted By: R6boyracer
Views: 173223
Added: 2012-10-30 00:43:09 by R6boyracer
Running time: 03:01
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Description: "My roomate Jacklyn and I were chilling with a couple of her honey friends last week. We were all getting pretty bored and finally decided to play a game. Jacklyn being the adventurous one, suggested we play a dare game. She had us write various dares down on a piece of paper which were then folded and tossed into a glass bowl. Each of us were going to pick one paper out of the bowl and attempt the dare. This could get interesting, I thought as I glanced honeys. "So who wants to go first?" Jacklyn asked. "I wanna go first!!" Tammy eagerly replied with her hand in the air. We passed her the bowl and watched as she unfolded her chosen paper. "It says... pick someone to kiss for thirty seconds." She smirked and turned to Jen. "I pick you." We all chuckled and waited for them to lock lips. Tammy leaned into Jen and began making out with her in the most sensual way. This sexy visual was turning me and without a doubt Jacklyn on. We sat back and watched as they passionately tongue wrestled for thirty seconds. They pulled away giggling with excitement. I was next and nervous about what I was going to pick. But by sheer luck I happened to pick a dare that I wrote for the honeys. "All honeys must strip down to their bras and panties." We all laughed as the dare was very typical coming from me.The honeys stood up and began slowly peeling off their clothes one by one. The lacy undergarments accentuated their ample breasts and hot figures. I could feel my dick getting hard but tried to control myself as they went on with the game. Jacklyn was next to pick.She dipped her hand into the bowl and pulled out a folded paper. It read, "I have to pick someone to give a sexy lapdance to! Ooohh... so many options." Please pick me, please pick me, I eagerly thought. Much to my delight, Jacklyn indeed decided to pick me. What I didn't expect, was that she was going to remove my clothes first. She stood up and began undressing me down to my bare ass. There's no hiding my hard dick now. I sat back down on the couch and let her slide her sexy body all over me as she seductively danced her way around me. Jacklyn could really dance, she had me convinced she'd been a stripper at one point in her life. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to touch myself. So I began, jerking my cock, watching her as she made her snake-like moves right in front of my eyes. The other honeys sat either side of me growing a little inpatient.It wasn't soon after Jen announced she'd wanted to have a go at the dare bowl. I was sad to see this dare end, but curious to know what was next. "Pick someone to masturbate in front of everyone else." Jen read as she slyly looked around the room. "I think you get to blow your load, baby!" She giggled. "Alright, I'm not going to argue with that logic at all." I said. And what man would with that offer?The honeys sat down on the couch together huddled with their interest set on my cock as I stood and jerked off for them. They encouraged me with their little moans, squeezing their tits together as they grinned in anticipation. Tammy grabbed a few wineglasses behind her and they all held them under my cock. Seeing these hot honeys all eager and ready for me to cum made me blow my load. I erupted all over those glasses, a few drops spilling onto their flesh. "That was hot." Tammy declared. "Yes it was." Jacklyn agreed. I was certain Jacklyn and her friends would come over next weekend for a few more of these sexy games."


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